Day 2 (No caffeine for 8 flippin’ hours?!!)

Posted: March 23, 2011 in gym, my tubby self, weight loss

Day 2 of my journey to health was not bad. In order to be assessed by my trainer I had to do a few things though. The lack of caffeine being the one that will have lead to my co-workers resignations. I am up to about 3 diet colas a day and going cold turkey is a bad idea. Usually it leads to that lack of caffeine headache that ends up making me a sheer pleasure to work with. 

Anyway, after being grumpy, cranky, angry, surly and finally pissy I managed to get over to the gym. Changed clothes in a room full of ripped guys (always good for the self-esteem) and met with the trainer. Long story short he is a good chap with a hint of an east coast accent and seems to be genuinely interested in seeing me get healthy (possibly because he wants to get paid).

Did some basic tests to see how far gone I am and then set up an appointment to actually get me started. Works for me.

Rancid Monke

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