Awkward, just awkward

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

So I am getting ready in the change room at the gym and I can hear the auto paper towel dispenser just going nuts. It just keeps pumping out sheet after sheet. I figure it is broken or something but eventually it stops. So wait a beat and I start heading out to meet my trainer and no word of a lie some guy walks from by the washrooms with absolutely nothing but a smile on his lips and a song in his heart carrying a bag. As he walks past and I get more of an eyeful then I EVER wanted I realize he just took a shower but didn’t bring a towel. Dude just used up half a roll of paper towel to dry off on. Kudos to you stranger, life gave you lemons and you made an entire lemonade stand complete with rice krispie squares and everything.

Rancid Monke

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